Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa (EFTCA)




The Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa provides necessary technical assistance according to the needs of African states. This prompts the conclusion of bilateral agreement between the Fund and the African governments as well as trilateral agreements with international and regional donor institutes specifying financial obligations of each party.

Bilateral Agreements:
Since the Fund was created to date, 61 agreements were signed with African governments. These agreements are constantly updated and revised to reflect the changing development needs of countries.
Trilateral Agreements:
30 agreements were sealed within the framework of the trilateral agreements since the creation of the Fund. The Fund is proceeding with processes of expansion and upgrading scopes of trilateral cooperation with donor international organizations and technical cooperation agencies. This type of cooperation gives way to increased resources of the Fund to bolster its activities in African countries, being a standard pattern of North-South and South-South cooperation.
Three-sided Cooperation
Three-sided or trilateral cooperation constitutes one of the most significant activities undertaken by the Fund. Its purpose is slated to the promotion of the human potential of African cadres.

It is to the credit of this cooperation that donor organizations and technical aid agencies jointly with the Fund could strengthen technical cooperation in the service of different areas of development in the African continent. It as well ensures benefit for the three parties involved in reinforcement of economic development in the Continent, and also of technical cooperation between Egypt and African countries.

This emanates from Egypt’s unequivocal interest in cementing its relations with sisterly African countries as well as South-South, and North-South cooperation policies.

Examples of trilateral cooperation programs are, the Fund- Japanese Cooperation Association (JICA) since 1985, where training courses are held annually in fields of: rice cultivation, rice processing, seismology, academic immunology, metal welding technology, animal production and health, building and construction equipment (total number of trainees is 1232) from 1985 up till July 2002, also within the framework of implementing the cooperation agreement signed between Egypt and Japan in Tokyo (October 1998), 7 experts were seconded to Zambia and Tanzania during the period from 1999-april 2000.

The Fund-Norwegian Agency for Developmental Cooperation (Noward) now, and since 1999 where two training courses on nursing were held so far (trainees numbered 117), during the period from November 1999 – April 2002.

This brings the total number of trainees within the context of trilateral cooperation between the Fund and the JICA and Norward up till April 2002, to 1386 trainees. Further, a trilateral cooperation with Canada and the Netherlands, the European union and others is planned for the future. A trilateral cooperation was also established with Germany.

Further examples of trilateral cooperation with donor organizations are the UN Program for Development, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Economic Commission for Africa, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, the African Development Bank, the Arab Fund for Technical Aid to African Countries and the Franco Phone International Organization.

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