Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa (EFTCA)




The Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa (EFTCA) was established in 1981 within the framework of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The principal goal of EFTCA is to provide technical assistance and human resource development through capacity building programmes to other African countries. H.E. the Egyptian Foreign Minister is the Chairman of the Board and the Fund is administered by a Secretary-General, usually a senior ambassador.
For over twenty three years EFTCA has aimed to contribute to the socio-economic development of other African countries through the transfer and exchange of knowledge, skills and expertise and supporting the capacity building efforts of technical and human resource . Various technical cooperation activities include:
„X Dispatch Egyptian experts and consultants in various fields according to the needs of the recipient country for short or long term assignments.
„X Offering training programmes in different sectors essential to the development process according to the availability of the required training.
„X Participation in pan-African activities that serve the development of the Continent in collaboration with local, regional and international organizations.
„X Extending of emergency humanitarian assistance to countries in crisis situations (natural disaster, civil war).
„X Trilateral cooperation with donor countries and institutions to support the Continent،¦s development and to strengthen technical cooperation between Egypt and African countries in the framework of South-South and North-North cooperation.

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