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Police and Crime Prevention


Police and Crime Prevention
Organizing regular training courses annually for African police cadres in various police and security specializations in cooperation with the African Center for Crime Prevention Researches and Studies at the Foreign Ministry Police Academy.

This cooperation is substantiated in conjunction with technical cooperation protocol signed between the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa at the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of the Interior Police Academy Researches Center in implementation of the Cairo Declaration for African Technical Cooperation in areas of crime prevention based on the First Conference of African Interior Ministers during the period from 29 November to 6 December 1985.

The Police Research Center, since its foundation in 1986 to date, had demonstrated cooperation with the Egyptian Fund to perform its task in the most optimal manner that rendered it a leading pattern of security and police training in the African continent.

Organizing training courses in areas of civil defense, fight of drug smuggling via ports and airports, criminal research skills and crime theatre, insurance of VIP figures and tourist structures and installations, combat of terrorist action and armed violence.

Two fresh areas of training in compliance with developments ushered in the field of security namely fighting public funds crimes as well as updated planning and training of security commanders.

Organizing training courses in different areas of crime prevention compatibly with the demands and requirements of African states.

Organizing special training courses in the field of fighting drug trafficking in cooperation with Germany in 1991 and 1992.

The number of trainees in various police areas is 2705 covering 98 training courses representing 47 states during the period from 1986 – Mars 2003.

Police and Crime Prevention

  1. T. AleoJabateh says:

    I attended the 94th training course in criminal investigation held in Cairo 14/9/2002.
    I would like to ask for the name of the graduates of this class.

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