Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa (EFTCA)




Egypt believes tat the development of human resources as well as the productive managerial and institutional development capabilities through joint action, transfer and exchange of know-how, skills and expertise is one of the main pressing needs of the developing countries.

Egypt’s long experience in important sectors essential to socio-economic structure of African countries such as agriculture, irrigation, health, infrastructure, information technology and others.

In this context Egypt enjoys the advantage of the availability of scientific and technological expertise in different fields due to historical emphasis on education and scientific research that allows it to extend such expertise to the African countries.

The availability in Egypt of highly qualified training academies and institutes on a large scale and in different fields that meet training needs of the African cadres.

The experience Egypt gained over the last two decades in tackling economic reform, structural adjustment and information systems; issues that are currently of special interest to African countries.

The fund is contributing in financing the following communication and information technology activities:

— Preparing, evaluating, implementing and following up technical projects in the field of IT and communications.
— Preparing feasibility studies to determine the African countries needs in the fields of IT and communication, and Human Resources development.
— Training courses, seminars, and workshops in IT and communication.
— Distance learning programs in all fields of HR development.
— Teaching Arabic as a foreign language and training the trainers
— Capacity building projects specially in the field of IT and communication.
— Developing the capacities and skills of the African small and medium enterprises.

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