Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa (EFTCA)



Participation in channeling relief operations and humanitarian aid (food and medicine) in cases of natural and human disasters. This assistance is offered either in kind or in the form of bearing shipping costs of the aid offered from other Egyptian entities or both.

Scopes of humanitarian aid have been diversified and developed so as not to be restricted to the traditional context of providing foodstuffs only but rather to be extended to cope with development requirements at the current stage as far as technology is concerned. This is expected to include computer sets, printers, photocopiers besides medicine, medical equipment and scientific references intended for faculties of medicine and science in some African countries.

A separate budget is earmarked annually from the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt in favor of the Fund and its programs, which is to be regarded as the main financial resource of the Fund.

The Fund may accept additional resources represented in the contributions of countries and international institutions, based on agreements concluded in favor of the Fund, besides donations, grants and subsidies that are not in conflict with the objectives of the Fund.

The Fund, moreover, applies a system for sharing the expenses whether on behalf of the African countries benefiting from its programs or within the framework of trilateral cooperation with donor countries and international organizations. This program was proved a success in trials with Japan, Germany and Norway as well as the United Nations Program for Development, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the African Development Bank, the Arab Fund for Technical Aid to African Countries, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa and the Francophone international organizations and others.


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