Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa (EFTCA)

What, or Who is EFTCA?


Egyptian Fund for Tehnical Cooperation with Africa

The Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa (Arabic: الصندوق المصري للتعاون الفني مع أفريقيا‎) commonly known by the acronym “EFTCA” is the Egyptian governmental instrument that coordinates official development assistance and development cooperation programs with African countries.

From the Minister and Chairman:

The location of any state on the map of the world is but a part of its identity and history, thus inevitably affecting its origin, growth, development, cultural, economic and political concepts. The existence of Egypt in Africa is not an exception from this rule, but it truly reflects the saying of the renowned Egyptian Scholar Dr. Gamal Hamdan about the “ingenuity of site and time”.

Since the dawn of history, Egyptian civilization has spread constantly in the African continent. Egypt played the role of the linking chain between the African cultures and the Arab, Asian and European cultures. Africa is and will always remain a priority on the agenda of the Egyptian foreign policy.

Hence the importance of the Egyptian Fund For Technical Cooperation With Africa lies in the fact that it is the principal tool for consolidating and supporting Egyptian-African cooperation taking into consideration the priorities and special needs of the African countries. The role of the Fund is pivotal in the implementation of the Egyptian foreign policy towards Africa. This policy emanates primarily from its firm faith in its African affiliation, and its full realization of its responsibilities towards brotherly African Countries. The role Egypt is playing derives from the fact that it possesses human and economic assets and resources that could enable it to shoulder this responsibility and play this role successfully.

During the past two decades, the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa witnessed large strides and leaps in its performance and activities, in quantity and quality, in conformity with all the changes and developments which took place on both the international and regional arenas.

The activities of the Fund aim mainly at consolidating bilateral relations through the dispatch of Egyptian experts who transfer technical assistance, the organization of training courses in the different specializations, and the offer of emergency human and medical assistances to countries hit by natural disasters. Moreover, the Fund covered more and more new areas of technical cooperation through the conclusion of tripartite agreements for cooperation with donor countries and organizations. In the last couple of years, the Fund has started to widen its scope of activities by establishing joint farms in some African countries upon their request and responding to urgent needs such as dispatching medical convoys for the treatment of some endemic diseases, or providing advanced equipment in the field of information technology. These and other programs were performed by the Fund as new aspects of the technical assistance necessary for developing the African capabilities and achieving sustainable economic and social development for African Governments.

I would like to seize the opportunity of the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Egyptian Fund For Technical Cooperation With Africa, to extend my thanks and appreciation for the efforts exerted by the African Sector in the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and by all the Secretary Generals, their deputies and the dedicated staff who contributed to the development of its performance, the expansion of its activities; wishing the Fund more progress and success in its future endeavors.

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